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Denon/Marantz plugin

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This app is a third party plugin for:- Yatse. Please note that this plugin requires the unlocked/paid version of Yatse.- Locale/Tasker. These are paid apps.When installed you can control volume and mute status of your networked Denon/Marantz receiver directly through Yatse's user interface. This eliminates the need for a separate control app when using Yatse.
It's also possible to automate receiver actions using Locale or Tasker.
Yatse features:- Mute and volume control (including scaling according to volume limit configured on the receiver).- Configurable volume steps.- Custom commands: Power on/off/toggle, zone on/off/toggle, input source select, surround mode, dynamic volume, quick select and direct commands.
Locale/Tasker features:- Power on/off, zone on/off, mute on/off, input source, surround mode, dynamic volume, quick select and direct commands.- Tasker: Variable substitution supported for direct commands.
Generic features:- Multi-zone configurations are supported.- Telnet-based AVR protocol and new HTTP/XML-based app protocol is supported.
The plugin should work with at least the following receivers:
Denon: AVC-A1HD, AVR-1613, AVR-1713, AVR-1912, AVR-1913, AVR-2112, AVR-2113, AVR-2312, AVR-2313, AVR-3310, AVR-3311, AVR-3312, AVR-3313, AVR-3808, AVR-4306, AVR-4308, AVR-4310, AVR-4311, AVR-4520, AVR-4806, AVR-4810, AVR-5308, AVR-5805, AVR-990, AVR-991, AVR-E300, AVR-E400, AVR-S700W, AVR-S710W, AVR-S900W, AVR-S910W, AVR-X1000, AVR-X1100W, AVR-X1200W, AVR-X2000, AVR-X2100W, AVR-X2200W, AVR-X3000, AVR-X3100W, AVR-X3200W, AVR-X4000, AVR-X4100W, AVR-X4200W, AVR-X5200W, AVR-X6200W, AVR-X7200W, AVR-X7200WAMarantz: AV7701, AV7702, AV8801, AV8802, NR1504, NR1506, NR1602, NR1603, NR1604, NR1605, NR1606, SR5006, SR5007, SR5008, SR5009, SR5010, SR6006, SR6007, SR6008, SR6009, SR7005, SR7007, SR7008, SR7009
If you experience any problems, please let me know by e-mail.
To use the plugin with Yatse:- You need Yatse 5.7.0 or higher.- You need Yatse Unlocker.- Configure the plugin from: Settings/Manage hosts/Edit/Advanced/Plugins/AV Receiver.
To use the plugin with Tasker:- Select "Plugin" when adding an action, and choose "Denon/Marantz plugin".
This plugin is not affiliated with Yatse or its author Tolriq/Genimee. Please request support directly from the author of this plugin; see contact information below.
This plugin is not affiliated with Denon or Marantz. Denon and Marantz are registered trademarks of D&M Holdings, Inc.